The final week of tour is here and I don't know how to feel. It's probably because I'm feeling so much, I'm excited, overwhelmed, happy, and sad.

I'm happy because so much has happened these past 7 months that I am so grateful for; I released the biggest, and in my opinion the best album of my career. I took it on the road and made it last 7 months, and from what I'm told that's a lot for an independent release. I met a lot of my fans that have supported me throughout my career, and I made some new ones! And on top of it all I had the time of my life thanks to all of you.

I'm sad because I don't want it to ever end, but I'm excited because I get to work on new stuff, now that you all have inspired me to be a better writer, singer and performer. I promise it won't take me 3 years this time to put out new material, the way I'm feeling right now it's going to be out sooner than you think!

I love you all for allowing me to dream bigger than I imagined and I thank you for allowing me to live that dream!

Forever and always,

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